Tuesday 12/22

Push Jerk 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

Age no great burden for Olympic weightlifter Jessica Newman

Jessica Newman.


She also happens to hold the state record in the Olympic weightlifting snatch and clean and jerk categories.

And she’s inviting you to try to beat her.

No, seriously.

It’s not a challenge, or some kind of act of bravado.

Newman hopes that more people, including and especially women, will take an interest in the sport, because right now, at least in competitions in her age and weight classes, it’s just her.

And according to her, we are missing out. Newman loves the sport so much, the two-time ironwoman, veteran of 25 triathlons and loser of 100 pounds fits it into her schedule to train four to six times a week for anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours at a time.

She does it because it fuels that drive in her to keep going forward.

“For me, it is showing that no matter how old you are, you can get better. I’ve gotten better,” Newman said, noting that she set a personal record recently.

The sport of Olympic weightlifting is built on two specific movements: the snatch and the clean and jerk. In competition, the athlete gets three shots to complete each of those lifts at their maximum weight.

Newman threw herself into Olympic lifting just this year — and she’s still getting PRs (personal records) — but this wasn’t her first foray into athletics.

She got started after she had her sons, now ages 16 and 14. She had put on some weight and was, she estimates, about 250 pounds. A friend asked her to do a triathlon and she signed up.

That led to dozens more triathlons and then the Wisconsin Ironman twice. Watching her body change and get stronger with every stride, Newman found the training and the events exhilarating — but also very solitary sometimes. To train, she would ride her stationary bike in the living room during her kids’ naptime.

When she joined CrossFit five years ago, she liked the group exercise atmosphere and team camaraderie she felt with other CrossFit members. Heavy weightlifting is a very big component of that workout and Newman realized she was strong. She decided she wanted to compete, and she knew she had to have a coach.

Ryan Atkins is a weightlifter as well as a coach. He trains online with James Tatum of Team MuscleDriver and can lift about 230 on snatch and 264 on clean and jerk.

“Maybe a little bit more if I feel good,” he said.

As a coach, Atkins works with about 60 clients per week between multiple facilities specifically with weightlifting sports. He trains faculty and students at Marquette University, and also coaches clients at the Sussex Barbell Club at Sussex CrossFit, CrossFit Waukesha and CrossFit Lockdown in Be Fitness by Delafield Hotel. Newman is a private client.

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Monday 12/21

For Time:

75 Cal Row
60 DB Snatch @45/30
50 Wallball @20/14

From Calvin

Nothing makes a coach more happy or proud than when we see success and progress with our members. It’s a conformation of their hard work and dedication. It also helps us affirm the coaches ability to help. Recently we the coaches have had the pleasure of watching a number of first times, red numbers and new beginnings with all of you.

You might be a brand new member that had their first heavy day and maybe realized you were way stronger than you thought. You may have just joined us for Fight Gone Bad and got a 30 rep PR. Or maybe you were a coach and thought to yourself how cool it was that so many people wanted to / could rope climb that they had to take turns using the ropes. (which is awesome).

All of these things are events that show the the power of our community our programing and our athletes. I know it might sound like just another kind thing for us to say but keep up the good work guys and gals. You are literally the reason we come to work and nothing makes that more worth while than to see everyone doing so well and working so hard.

Thanks guys.


Saturday 12/19

5 Rounds for time:

9 Hang Power Snatch @ 95/65
12 Box Jump @ 24/20


Holiday Schedule 
12/24 – 9 am only
12/25 CLOSED
12/31 6 am AND 9am
1/1 No Classes but Last Chance Qualifier workouts at 9, 12 and 4 like last year. 

Ok – so normally this isn’t something that we would put on the blog because it’s not very directly related to health or fitness…. BUT, I certainly hope that you have ALL SEEN STAR WARS by now!

Mental health is an important part of overall fitness and watching good movies is a great way to recharge those brain batteries to get ready for another great day at the gym.

So if you haven’t seen the Force Awakens yet, your homework this weekend is to get out to a theater near you and plop your butt down for a couple hours to recharge.

Friday 12/18


For time:
100 Pull Up
100 Push Up
100 Sit Up
100 Squat

Holiday Schedule 
12/24 – 9 am only
12/25 CLOSED
12/31 6 am AND 9am
1/1 No Classes but Last Chance Qualifier workouts at 9, 12 and 4 like last year. 

This year, for the first time since we opened in 2010 Amy and I will be taking a small vacation for the Holidays. It’s very hard for either of us to be away for any kind of extended period but my sister recently gave birth to twins and as our own family has grown, it’s important to us for our daughter to meet her cousins and spend some time with her Aunt and Uncle.

In our absence you’ll be in the more than capable hands of Calvin of course, but Laura and Mike D will also be helping out here and there. Having them step in has allowed us to keep all of our regular classes on the schedule while we’re gone. Please be sure to thank them for stepping up.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us by emailing us at info@crossfitsac.com – in the meantime, come on in and enjoy your regular classes during the Holiday season!

We’ll miss you all but we’ll see you soon.



Thursday 12/17

For Time:
2K Row


Here are some tips from a Silver Medalist on the 2K row for today. If you’ve been to class on one of the day’s we talk about rowing technique it’s likely that you’ve heard much of this before, but a good refresher never hurt anyone.

Wednesday 12/16

7 rounds for time of:

7 Power Clean @ 95/65
7 Thruster
7 Bar-facing burpee


Today’s workout comes to us directly from the mothership, CrossFit.com. While we certainly don’t expect anyone from the gym to throw down a time quite as fast as these two, sometimes it’s good to be reminded just how fit the top CrossFit athletes are, and how they got that way. Lots and lots and lots of hard work, good food and recovery.

Tuesday 12/15

For time:

Weighted Pull Up 45/30
Weighted dip 45/30 *

*50 Double Under
2 Rope Climb at the end of each round


The below graphic is a great demonstration of the downward spiral many of us find ourselves in during this time of year. The Holiday season can be a stressful one with the year coming to an end and all the obligations that brings with it. Take a moment to check out this chart and ask yourself if there are things you see on it that you can change to positively influence the outcome of your day.

stress cycle