Friday 12/25

We know that the holidays can be a stressful time and with all the parties, gifts and family gatherings, that can mean access to a lot of indulgent food. But what if your attitude towards your holiday meal influences how much you eat by affecting how full you feel?

This video might serve as some food for thought, or rather a thoughts for food:

Either way enjoy this time with family and friends!




Monday 11/2

Strict Press 1-1-1-1-1

Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
6 Common Habits Of Unhappy People

1. Being too critical.

You’re critical of yourself or others. Often when we’re unhappy, we’ll be critical of others to make them feel like we do, and even worse, we’re critical of ourselves. Realize that you and others will make mistakes and move on. Truly value what you and others do.

2. Being addicted to negative things.

Moderation is key. It’s fine to unwind with a beer and some good food at the end of the day, but don’t let these pleasures turn into addictions that take center stage in our lives.
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Monday 8/31

Squat Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Squat Cleans are some of the most fun you can have in the gym. Combining elements of the deadlift and front squats along with a dynamic jump and change of direction they both demand and develop a number of physical traits that we aim to foster at CrossFit SAC.

Remember that on days like today the goal is not only to throw up a new personal record but to also be sure to work through enough volume to attain a stimulus and much needed practice in this technical movement. So be sure to get all those working sets in before you go for that big weight.

Monday 8/10

Shoulder Press
Push Press

From Calvin

This years Crossfit Games have come and gone and now we’re stuck coming down from the hype. Like coming back to your house after a really good party, you just wish it could have gone a little longer. Certainly this year was bigger, bolder, and more challenging than previous years. And as we cruise the blogs and social media it also appears to have been quite controversial. I do have my own opinion on the topic however, that’s not what I want to focus on today. What I want to focus on is what I really liked about  the Games. To me the games this year felt more raw.  Very down and dirty, get the work done, don’t care about your Fran time raw. The first 3 events were simply getting work done. The first event was the Pier Paddle. Just swimming. Just get out there and swim. Not really a complicated movement or skill but the challenge was undeniable. Some folks had a bit more trouble getting back to shore than they thought they would. The next event, Sandbag 2015, was another straight forward test. Move all this stuff from one side to the other. Some skill and strategy required but ultimately just solid work. This trend would continue into Friday as it began with “Murph”. And I won’t break this down play by play for the whole weekend but among other things there was also some sprinting, lifting for load and some all new challenges at the end that really exposed some chips in peoples armor. This is what I want to see. I know it’s really easy to get caught up in the “sexier”, more glamorous workouts like handstand walks, muscle ups, and 1 rep max lifts. Especially when they make it look so easy. And although those things were a part of the weekend, I really feel like they took everyone that went “fancy” all year and gave them very well programmed, very “not sexy” workouts.

I think we can all learn something from seeing this. We all like our heavy days. We all want muscle ups. We all wanna just do dead lifts on the minute or knock out triple unders. It’s cool. It’s flashy. It’s sexy. But the stuff that gets you better, really better, is work. Thrusters, burpees, running & rowing. Constantly varied  functional movement performed at high intensity. Sweaty, dirty, Raw.

Monday 7/27

12 Walking Lunge Step
9 Ring dip
30 Double Under

And just like that, another Games season has come to a close. A lot of people draw inspiration from the Games athletes, refueling their motivation to train more and work towards their fitness goals. These athletes put a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources into their training. The common theme in the interviews with these athletes is the amount of dedication they have  put towards their training, which means not just working out, but eating well, getting enough recovery time and still taking time to enjoy life. While most of us will only go to the Games as spectators and volunteers, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a page from the work ethic demonstrated by these athletes and apply to anything in life– not just fitness. Work hard, spend time on what is important to you and you will see the results you are after.

Monday 7/6

AMRAP 10min
20 Squat
7 Strict Chest to Bar Pullup


Hey guys it’s Calvin. I’m gonna be a bit more serious for a second. I want to talk to you guys about respect. Not so much about how you need to show more to others but rather how much more you need to give to yourself. Respect, like any other thing must be earned and isn’t always going to feel the way you think it will. Respect for yourself is a reflection of how you see yourself and what you think you are worth. When you don’t respect yourself you take away some of the value you carry to others. I know this all might seem esoteric and vague so let me explain with a few points on how someone might disrespect themselves.

Negative self talk:

Can’t, won’t, shouldn’t and nope. These are words we use to beat ourselves up about our performance. Telling yourself there’s no way you’ll get five rounds or ” I’m not even gonna try that weight. There’s no way I can do that.” Or maybe even after a job well done you tell yourself you should have done better or that because you didn’t hit that score the way you wanted that you’re a failure or bad. Do not do this! There is nothing good that will come of it. All it does is make you feel bad for doing your best. Or worse yet, scare you into not trying it at all. You wouldn’t let someone else tell you that you suck. So don’t say it to yourself.

Bad fuel:

Not just junk food. All the bad stuff. Cigarettes, booze, fast food, candy. All of it. When you put poison in your body your essentially punching yourself in the face. Right in the kisser. Technically it’s a form of self abuse. I know it sounds extreme but what else could it really be. Intentionally putting toxins in your system that you know will have adverse effects on your health. Again, you wouldn’t let someone else hurt you like that so why do it?


If there was a way to get degrees in having excuses I would probably have earned a PhD in my youth. Let’s make a small list of things that we use as excuses shall we?

False positive talk (saying you tried your hardest when you didn’t)

It’s all too easy to just give in and give up. But this doesn’t help you achieve the thing you wanted in the first place. Now you feel double bad because your confidence took a hit when your will power turned a blind eye. Now it’s full circle, right where you started.

Guys, this isn’t meant to make anyone feel bad or excluded. It’s just a reminder that if we want to be better we have to start acting better and treating ourselves better. (This includes me).  Respect your body and it will give you so much more for way longer. Which is what you deserve. Much love guys. Be good to yourselves.