Friday 12/4

For Time:

1 k Row
3 Rounds of:
10 Strict Pull up
10 C2B Pull up
10 Pull up

Hoodie Pre-Order in Progress!
Now through Sunday at noon.


Hoodie pre-order

We are offering two weights/thickness of hoodie this time. Both are $45/each.

If you want a specific size/color orders are due, paid in full by Sunday at 12pm. We will be ordering overstock, but in limited sizes and colors.


From Calvin

Suffering to to achieve or suffering to suffer?
If you want the results you’ve got to do the work. It will take time, consistency and it will sometimes not be enjoyable. Discomfort. Aching muscles from workouts past. The fire breath after the short burner that takes more time to recover from than the workout actually lasted. The pain cave. The suck. Sometimes, a lot of times, we gotta go there. But when is it the pain cave? And when is it just painful? What happens when the suck just plain sucks? Putting stress on your body is how you get it grow stronger and get better but constantly bombarding yourself over and over without reprieve can hurt your progress. We often talk about how to maximize your Crossfit experience and help you work harder plus recover faster. Here is a small checklist of things you can start working on to get that ball rolling. Remember, start simple and go from there.
1. Good food. Duh right? The better the fuel, the cleaner the engine, the more horse power you get. Meats, veggies, fats. Clean whole foods that pop up the nature. Also don’t forget to actually eat. Calories aren’t evil they’re fuel.
2. Water. A good amount throughout the day. Not during the WOD. If you get thirsty you’re already dehydrated. So don’t let it get to that point.
3. Sleep. Turn off your Netflix account for the night. Get a solid rest and show up feeling ready to go. Nothing fixes no sleep.
4. Get after it. You have one hour to devote to yourself. This holiday season make sure to give it all you got and jingle ALL the way. No one likes a half-assed jingler. 
5. Hit the workout hard but when it’s over, it’s over. Chill out. Go be human. Live and play. Stop working out at some point and not just to do the previously listed activities. Remember, if you really wanna to do a workout right after your workout, you may have just left a little something on the table. Go harder the first time and save yourself the pain.
6. Attend the Winter Formal. No it won’t help your mile time but it will bring you closer to the community and thats rad too.



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