Thursday 12/3

3 Rounds for Reps:

1 min Max Lateral Jump
1 min Max Pistol
1 min Max Sit up
1 min Max Burpee
1 min Rest

The Winter Formal is fast approaching. Many of you have already purchased your ticket(s) but many of you are waiting until the last minute. Don’t be that guy!

We have a fun time lined up for you already, just like last year we’ll have the Blackjack tables and a Polker table with dealers to give you the chance to win some fake money that you can use to bid on any number of mystery prizes we’ll have available. There will also be plentiful food and beverage (of various types).

BUT – the party can get even more awesome if even more of you purchase your tickets now so that we can put that money towards more entertainment for you all.

Want us to rent a mechanical bull? There’s no way we can without your ticket purchase.

Hoping that we’ll have Cirque de Soleil perform? That can’t if you don’t buy that ticket.

What could possibly be a better way to spend your Saturday night than with your family away from home at CrossFit SAC?





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