Tuesday 11/24

Against a 6 min clock
20 Power Snatch @ 165/110
Max Rep Burpee

Rest 4 Min

Against a 4 min clock
15 Power Snatch @ 165/110
Max Rep Burpee

***Thanksgiving Schedule***

As in years past we will be closed Thursday/Friday the week of Thanksgiving, and re-open on Saturday for normal hours. Enjoy this time with your family!

This past weekend Amy and I had the privledge to attend the Advanced Weightlifting Seminar with Chad Vaughn (that’s him in the center of the picture below). Chad is a former Olympian and multiple American record holder in the snatch and clean and jerk. We learned a bunch of cool stuff over the course of the two days that we hope to bring to you all in the coming months.



You can also check out the video below from 2012. If you skip ahead to around the 6:30 mark you’ll see some reps done at today’s RX weight. Just because these two make it look like it is, it’s not meant to be light. Notice the time they both have to take to set up for each set of 3 and the focus they each have on keeping the bar close and jumping it up aggressively.




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