Friday 11/20


Max Height Box Jump


Double Under
Sit Up

***Thanksgiving Schedule***

As in years past we will be closed Thursday/Friday the week of Thanksgiving, and re-open on Saturday for normal hours. Enjoy this time with your family!


From Calvin


Sometimes even the word just sounds boring. We all like what we like, and don’t like what we don’t. It’s not a coincidence that people usually like what they are good at and aren’t very fond of things that come less naturally to them.

If an athlete is 160 lbs and can perform 50 unbroken butterfly pull ups, he’ll probably like workouts with pull ups. On the other hand, that athlete may not like heavy power cleans as much as the 230 lb weightlifter right?

Either way we need to work on the things that we aren’t good at. Sometimes those things are fun and exciting like when you learn your first muscle up or getting your bench press higher. However, most of the things we want need more than just a little attention.

Things like double unders, handstands, endurance, overhead squats. These are things that may not just “happen”. It can take months, even years of cultivation and fine tuning to get those things to happen. So think about this: If there is a movement you’re not good at and you avoid it like the plague, how likely are you to get better at it?

Also, when you practice are you really thinking about it constructively? Are you paying attention to the details? Are you keeping a level head and working through? Or are you going into it thinking negatively and throwing yourself into a wall over and over?

Focused and deliberate practice is not easy nor is it fun sometimes but it’s the best way to really get good at anything. Ask yourself about what you wanna be better at and what it’s going to take to get there. Then just do it.

From BBC News

Can 10,000 hours of practice make you an expert?


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