Friday 11/13

Work to 1rm Snatch and Clean & Jerk


From Calvin

Recently, Crossfit HQ had put on a competition that was our version of a weightlifting comp. This was callled the Crossfit Liftoff. This event, which spanned November 5-9th, was a chance to show the world that not only are we as Crossfitters very fit, but also very, very strong. In honor of that challenge we proudly bring you todays workout. Most heavy days we focus on just the one lift so you’ll have the most amount of time to build up and rest up. Today will find you making critical choices about your lifts, the weight and your mental game. This is a chance to really find out what you can do when the pressure is on and time is short. It will also help answer the age old question: Do you even lift bro?



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