Friday 11/06

For time:

BW Deadlift

* 1 Round of “Cindy after each set*


This Saturday will be the first weekend of the month and as such will be our monthly Community Day! As usual this means you’re welcome to bring in those friends and family members who have had enough of your constant prodding and are ready to give this CrossFit thing a shot.

From Calvin

I wanna talk about the final count down. No, not the amazing song by Europe. The last moments in your activity in class. The place where the majority of your success and growth will come from. Let’s say were in the middle of an AMRAP and we’re down to the last 30 secs. This is where the coach is most likely to be screaming things like ” Get one more rep!” or ” Don’t put that bar down!” And for good reason. This big push at the end, this all out effort, this is where you get your deeper layers of fitness.

In those moments we can choose to push harder than we thought possible. We can lay it all on the line and exceed our own expectations. We can become a better person. The same could just as easily be said about something like sprinting the last 50m of a 400m run that you’ve done for 4 rounds already or getting that last heavy back squat in your 3 rep max when you’ve been lifting for 45 mins. In all of these cases you’ve pushed yourself as hard as what seems possible.

You hurt.

You’re shaking.

Sweating profusely.

I know for a fact you can’t possibly do any more work… And then something magic happens: you do. You did more. You did better, faster, heavier, whatever. You got the experience points and Leveled up! ( my gamer friends know what I’m talking about.) That new level is your new you. The strongest metals are forged in the hottest fires. Go to that place. Make it count. Get to the next level. Get fit.


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