Wednesday 10/28

For Load:

Behind The Neck Split Jerk


Saturday and Sunday we will be hosting a L1 Seminar so the gym will be closed. As usual, this means Saturday’s class will take place at the park at the end of Myrtle at 9:30. See you there!

Monday’s workout was a bit odd for us. It included both a traditional CrossFit ‘metcon’ (metabolic conditioning workout) featuring both a weightlifting element and a gymnastics piece. Then we had you work on Sumo Deadlifts for 3 sets of 5 heavy reps.

It’s odd for us because we very rarely do both a lifting session (which is a workout) and a metcon (which is another workout) within the same hour. Many of you likely felt rushed during the set up of the metcon, too tired to lift heavy afterward or both.

There are a couple reasons we did that on Monday. First off, variety is an important part of CrossFit programming and exposing our athletes to a day where they have to get out of breath and also pick up heavy things is a completely valid expression of this variety as well as something life could very well demand.

Secondly, as many of our members mentioned to me Monday, it’s VERY common for other CrossFit gyms to do what we did by combining a lifting session and a metcon on the same day. So common in fact that I would guess it’s considered the norm over our more traditional CrossFit approach of 1 workout per day.

I think the prevalence of these “two-fers” comes from a good place. Honestly I do. I think it comes from coaches wanting to give their athletes everything, every day. The problem, as I see it, comes from the fact that in the end athletes are left with two watered down efforts each day. Most of you found that lifting after the metcon was nearly impossible, and I would contend that performing the metcon after the lifts would have been deleterious to intensity as well.

The point here is that you can rest assured that days where we spend time on both a dedicated lifting session and a metcon will be few and far between. Our goal is to do one workout each day and coach the crap out of it to give all of our athletes the full intended stimulus for that day.


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