Thursday 10/22

3 rounds for time:

400m run
21 Sumo Deadlft High Pull @ 95/65
9 Triple Under



Saturday is Barbells For Boobs. Plan on showing up early and staying late, we’ll likely be running people through “Grace” in heats.

When I was a kid I wasn’t very interested at team sports. I preferred to do activities that let me be active but that I only needed to worry about myself. This is why I don’t usually mind if I have to do a WOD by myself. One of those activities was skateboarding. I loved to ride. Unfortunately my joints were less than thrilled about it. If you ever watch someone skateboard take a moment to review their body position. It’s not ideal for anything but skateboarding. Not to mention that when you’re well over 200 lbs and fall off your board down a set of stairs or going 35 mph down a hill. You fall really, really hard. Now because of this, I have a good deal of problems with my ankles and knees. Getting to a good position for squats, dead lifts or running can be a challenge sometimes. Many of the movements we perform reward good position so I find myself doing a large amount of mobilization and from time to time I watch or re-watch videos by Kelly Starrett. He is overflowing with good info and practicing what he preaches has helped me a great deal. Below is a video of his that I’ve watched many times and has helped me relieve knee and ankle pain. Give it a watch and remember to test and retest with a squat before and after to see if it did it’s job. Happy stretching guys!



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