Tuesday 10/13

15 Min AMRAP

9 Overhead Squat @ 115/75
12 Box Jump @ 24/20
2 Rope Climb


From Calvin

So, in case you had not heard, the Rich Froning documentary was released on iTunes October 2nd. I had the pleasure of viewing it Sunday with my wife. She’s awesome and insisted we watch it together. I of course insisted that we buy it, not rent it. I’m really glad we did because it is certainly a movie I will watch again and again. Everyone knows Rich is the champ. He’s proven it time and again. What I enjoyed about the film though were the other aspects of his life and the way the film maker (Heber Cannon) allowed us to see Rich as a man not just an athlete.

I know that when I watch him compete all I can see is a warrior, a titan of fitness and aptitude taking on all comers and emerging victorious. That said, that ability and behavior isn’t something that happens over night. It’s a long period of work and habit and dedication that creates such power. We all what to be as fit as Rich but when and if you see this film, you have to ask yourself: How bad do you really? What do you really want and why? What are you willing to do to make your goals come to life? It’s not just the choices we make in side the gym, but outside as well. Work, family and life. What comforts can you do with out? Will you cruise through or go for broke?

Below is just a regular workout that Rich did for Crossfit HQ. I expect it’s one of at least 5-6 WODs he did that day. Notice he still hits it like it’s the only one that day and puts it all on the line. Impressive stuff.



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