Tuesday 10/6

“The Ghost”
6 rounds of:
1 minute of rowing
1 minute of burpees
1 minute of double-unders
1 minute rest

Try for as many reps as possible of EACH exercise, not just total score. Post separate totals of calories rowed, burpee reps and double-under reps completed to comments.

Robert Guerrero on harnessing the power of CrossFit

Ghost Crossfit-1

FOR years boxers were held back by the ‘knowledge’ that lifting weights would make them too heavy and slow. Evander Holyfield’s 1990s training regime opened eyes and the influx of strength and conditioning coaches has opened doors.

With fighters and trainers increasingly prepared to listen to new ideas, the opportunity to try new regimes has multiplied in recent years, although given the number of ‘fads’ in fitness, it is unsurprising that a sport with traditional values would meet another with scepticism.
However, CrossFit is more than a ‘fad’. It’s a global brand with growing communities in every far-flung corner of the earth you can imagine.
Cities like Las Vegas have as many as 30 boxes (CrossFit terminology for gyms). There has been no plateau. CrossFit is a sport that, during tough financial times, is growing like few others. It is a constantly varied form of high-intensity training, often incorporating functional movements. It caters to all levels of fitness with scalable WODs (Workouts of the Day) to include cardiovascular and gymnastic exercises as well as Olympic and powerlifting techniques.
Old school met new world when Robert Guerrero started using CrossFit to help prepare him for his return to action following a May 2013 defeat to Floyd Mayweather. He’d considered CrossFit before but, at a crossroads for the first time in his career, he decided the time had come to innovate and experiment.
“I’d tried it one time but never stuck to it,” Guerrero says. “I was sceptical about the weight but one of the main guys from CrossFit, Dave Castro, who runs the [CrossFit] Games, is a good friend of mine. We sat down and talked to see how it could benefit me in the boxing ring, we tried it out and it felt good.”

To continue, click here.


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