Tuesday 9/29

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

For Time:
20 Snatch @ 165/110 or 80% of best lift


So guys we talk very, very frequently about the importance of proper back position. In fact just about every time we review any motion that involves moving weight from the ground we are quite adamant about keeping a tight and engaged lumbar spine. But really, it’s more than that. All the exercises we do in the gym have some kind of postural consideration. Those demands will vary from movement to movement and each present their own challenge. For example, in the Deadlift we ask for a stable and unyielding midline. Braced not only by keeping your back tight but also by inhaling deeply and flexing your stomach muscles against the pressure. This poses the unique challenge of requiring movement from muscles like the hips and hamstrings but convincing yourself not to to move much else. 
On the flip side of that, another movement we require midline engagement from is the Pullup. This time it’s the flexion and extension of the spine (that’s trainer talk for squeezing your belly and arching your back) that helps with dynamic movement of the kip. This is a skill we emphasize during our “paint the ceiling” drill before Pullups or Toes to bar. Bear in mind this skill is different than the previous one. However because of the nature of Crossfit and it’s broad and inclusive structure, we must be proficient at both because they do influence each other. 
Now, why do I bring this up? Because often times your midline is the thing that is holding you back from the next level of your fitness. Your Toes to Bar, your Deadlift, your Snatch or Overhead squats. Even your Double Unders can benefit from better body control right? These are just somethings to keep in mind during your next WOD. If you feel like you could benefit from a bit more midline control come talk to us. We have many simple and straight forward ways of helping you get a bigger bang out of your workout. The most easy, (if you’re not doing it already) is just come to class and listen.

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