Wednesday 9/23

5 rounds for time of:
7 Squat Clean @ 155/105
14 kettlebell swings @ 53/35


Hey guys! It’s Calvin here. Just wanted to say thank you for everyone that came out to the picnic Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the morning as much as I did. I truly appreciate it when we have days such as Saturday. Even though every time we come together to do a workout we “technically” are spending time in a community environment, we can really showcase our family-like attitude on a day that we not only do a team workout, but also spend real time interacting with each other. Ya know, like people. People with busy lives and jobs. People with kids and schedules and other things they could choose to do. But we’re all right there. Sitting around a table of food, playing a game or just laughing it up. I love working out and I love coaching. But nothing makes me happier than all of us together like a family.

On a less personal note I ran across this article the other day. It’s a look at one of CrossFit’s most lovable  people. Pat Sherwood. He talks about his 10 year anniversary of being a CrossFitter and what insights he has found. Not a super technical piece. Just read it (here) and feel good.

Pat Sherwood: A Reflection On 10 Years Of CrossFit


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