Friday 9/18

Max Effort
1k Row

I’m not gonna lie to you, today is gonna hurt. That is, if you put in your max effort. It’s easy to blow off a day like this because it’s not a “real” workout since it’s only about 4 minutes or less of work. But have you seen people after a true, all out, nothing left behind max effort 1k row? If you’re doing it right, today should take you longer to recover from than the actual WOD. On the other hand, if you have ever finished a max effort 1k row and though well, that was nice and are then tempted to go for a mile run when you get home, you have missed the boat on this workout (pun totally intended).

Days like this reflect a lot about your fitness, especially your cardiovascular endurance. I know it’s easy to rationalize skipping a day like today, or similarly a running day because you “lift weights faster” for your cardio. While workouts that don’t involve any kind of running or rowing can certainly improve your engine, your faster “Fran” time may not necessarily be due to your overall increased cardiovascular endurance.

The article below describes how it’s possible certain benchmarks like “Fran” or “Grace” might be improving, though you are not necessarily getting more fit.


Yes, Your Fran Time Dropped. No, Your Conditioning Did Not Improve.

If you have been doing mixed-modal training for some time now and you haven’t seen your monostructural conditioning tests (run, row, bike, swim, etc) improving steadily along the way, then your conditioning probably isn’t actually improving. Even if you’ve been seeing your times on WODs improve.

If tests like the 1000m, 2000m, and 5000m Rows or 800m, 1 mile, and 5k Run times haven’t improved, then this is a pretty solid indicator that your conditioning is not improving.

To continue, click here.


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