Tuesday 9/8

Bench Press



Monday was a great turn out and one heck of a challenging workout. We took 32 athletes through lots of running, squats and muscle ups and all 32 of them are fitter for it.

Maybe more importantly, as I worked my own way through the 45 minutes, I got to see our athletes coming together. I heard people cheering for each other and rooting others along. I saw high fives out on the run as people acknowledged each others hard work and effort. I saw people putting out more than they might have otherwise if they didn’t have that community around them.

More than anything, the effort you all put forth on Monday was inspiring and encouraging to me. To have that many athletes all willing to come in on a day off and work that hard for that long without any complaining or grumbling was a great thing to see and I can’t think of a better way to say it than thank you.

Thank you to our members for showing up and working hard. It’s all we ask of you but it’s not always easy. All of your progress is directly determined by your willingness to do exactly this, and each of you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished up to this point and excited to see what more you will be able to do in the future.


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