Monday 9/7

Hero WOD… It’s Labor Day so come in prepared to work



There is only a 9am class on Monday due to the Labor Day Holiday. Come on in for a good start to your Monday!

The importance of ATTITUDE.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Emerson – “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. I find this to be completely true both in the gym during CrossFit classes and out in the real world during life.

The wonderful thing about attitude is that it’s completely within your control. No matter what the day had been like before you step in our doors you can make the choice to enjoy yourself during the workout. Regardless of what the workout has in store for you, short or long, heavy or light, running or not, you can choose the mindset you’re going to have going in to it and the prism through which you’re going to view your outcome afterward.

This attitude will have a lot to do with the results you see as well. Imagine the difference of two athletes with identical capacities; one athlete is always complaining about the workouts and grumbling about how they don’t like to do this or that while the other athlete looks at those same workouts as a way to challenge themselves and improve on things they need to work on. It doesn’t take much to realize which one of those athletes is going to reap the most reward from their efforts.

Keep this in mind during classes this week. You don’t even need to change anything for now, all I’m asking at first is that you have awareness of the attitude you’re carrying with you as you enter our doors. Is your mindset today helping you reach your potential or is it holding you back?


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