Saturday 9/5

Against an 8 minute clock
400m row
7 Push Up
7 Ring Row
14 KB Swing


Saturday is Community Day! Bring a friend on in to experience CrossFit SAC first hand


Monday is Labor Day – we will have ONLY a 9am class. Even if the signups are full come on in, we’ve got a fun day planned!


From Calvin

Cherry Picking your Life

We the coaches are always going to encourage you, as athletes, to expose yourself to different experiences and movements. This helps you become a more well-rounded athlete and helps to create  better overall fitness. This is why when we see members only show up for strength workouts or only body weight specific workouts ( and believe me, we see you),  we tend to take notice and remind people not to stay too much inside their comfort zones.

We want you to branch out to new and challenging activities. I think we can all agree that growth in character occurs when confronted with new ideas. As I see it, this concept applies just as well to the people we meet and spend time with.

Is there someone in your life that has changed it dramatically for the better? Not just in fitness or at our gym but anyone in your lifetime that made you better for knowing them? Do you remember what you felt like before you knew them? Did you even consider this person before? How would you know they were amazing if you’d never met?

I mention these things because I have gotten to know quite a few of you very well over the last few years and with all the amazing gifts and quirks you all have I feel like some of you might be missing out on each others. It’s natural to make friendships and even groups of friends inside a community. Those tight knit groups that support and share. But if you only stay within those groups you may be missing out on gifts you didn’t even know existed.

So, I propose this: Next time you’re in class and you see someone you don’t know, strike up a conversation with them. Find out what music they like or actors they prefer. Try and find some common ground. If you can’t, even better!

Open  up your thoughts for some new thinking. You never know how their gifts might change you and your life for the better.


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