Thursday 9/3


Deadlift @ 225/155
Ring Dip


Hey guys. it’s me Calvin. Here to feed you some food for thought on everyone’s favorite topic. Scaling. 
I think CrossFit is, hands down, the best way to approach physical fitness and preparedness. It builds healthy habits like commitment, determination, and just a pinch of competition. Something I didn’t really care about before I joined CFSAC. By it’s very structure of completing tasks simultaneously and listing results side by side, we often find ourselves comparing scores with others in the gym, which in turn gives us more fuel to push to be better and work harder. This is a good thing. But what happens when adjustments have to be made? Maybe more than you wanted. This can feel kinda crappy. Especially if one of the coaches scales you before the workout even starts. It can be hard to not be allowed to complete all the rounds of a WOD or not be allowed to add those extra 10lbs on the bar. We might give you an extra band or shorter distance. All of these things attack our ego and punch it square in the gut. But remember why we scale. To maintain the stimulus of the workout. To make it as gnarly and as difficult for you as it is for anyone else. This is why when you retested your first intro it still hurt just as bad as it did 3 months previous.
Not finishing a workout happens on all levels of fitness anyway. Think about how many athletes didn’t make a time cap  on one of the events at the Games this year. The worlds fittest unable to finish a challenge? Well, yeah. They’re human too. And they don’t get to scale. But we still respect them. We still see the fruit of their efforts. Their work and sacrifice. Just like we see you. Hard work is always noticed and appreciated in the box. So no matter who you silently complete with every WOD,  whether a fellow gym goer or Froning himself,  just know that the only true measurement you need be concerned with is effort. That’s the one we care about. If the distance is too short, run it faster. If the weight is too light, don’t put it down. If you want all the rounds and reps, go get them.

One thought on “Thursday 9/3

  1. Well said Calvin! You are always so encouraging.

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