Friday 8/28

For time:
Squat Snatch @ 95/65
C2B Pull Up


Hey guys, it’s Calvin here.

I know that we’ve brought up this topic before but I want to comment on the subject of attitude. Attitude has many faces in the gym. It’s the mind set you have before the workout. The focus that you have while you are in the middle of one of the nastiest workout you’ve ever seen. Attitude is also giving yourself due credit when you’ve put in the time and work. Too many times have I seen hard work end in disappointment. Not because someone didn’t do well, but that a person does quite well and beats themselves up for not doing better.

Don’t do that to yourself!

You sweated and suffered and worked your butt off to get your score or time or whatever. Don’t discredit yourself just because you didn’t do as well as someone else. Take pride in your accomplishments and own them with confidence.

Plus, what happens when someone who didn’t do as well as you hears you talk about how poor you think you did? You’ve just told them that their score was terrible too right? If yours wasn’t good and theirs wasn’t as good as yours then you dismiss their hard work as well.

Remember guys there’s always a bigger fish.

But there are also little fish that look up to you.

Be a good example. Work hard, have fun, be proud. You’ve earned it.


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