Tuesday 8/25

20ft Handstand Walk
100m Farmer Carry @ 45/30
Rest 4 Min
10 Min AMRAP
100m OH Carry @ 45/30
10 Sec Ring L-Sit
100m Farmer Carry @ 45/30
10 Sec Ring L-Sit


Today’s workout features some movements that aren’t the foundation of our program but are important pieces and useful tools nonetheless.

Basic gymnastics are fundamental to the CrossFit paradigm and handstand walking, while it may seem more advanced to most of us, is a skill that little kids in gymnastics programs learn pretty early on. Just remember that it may take some time to develop this skill, since people are generally not accustomed to waking on their hands.

Farmers carries are a great grip builder as well as providing a great carryover into everyday life. Picking things up and carrying them around is a pretty commonplace thing to run into out in the world so building capacity there can only help our athletes on a daily basis.

Lastly we have the L-Sit. While it’s true that this position might be one we don’t often find ourselves in, the L-Sit is a fantastic way to build strength through the trunk and the ability to maintain a rigid spine. That stability in the spine helps us in everything we do and adds safety to our movement as well as improving overall performance.

Basically what I’m trying to say to you all today is that even though today might look a bit weird, showing up for this workout is going to make you fitter.

See you at the gym!


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