Thursday 8/13

For time:
400m Walking Lunge


Food struggles, finding the zone diet, and what works for your body: How I found that breaking the myth of eating less will make you lose weight.

When I first started Crossfit, I did it with the mind set to lose weight for an upcoming event. I
started going to classes and then was told about the Zone Diet. I was given the print out from the
Crossfit Journal and to go forth and conquer. Note: This was NOT at Crossfit SAC! So I started
my Zone journey on my own and thinking that the portions of blocks were what I wanted to be
at, not what I am…big mistake. My first month of zone I was eating roughly 9/10 blocks a day,
and if you know zone, that’s not a lot. For me, it was broken down into a 2 block breakfast, 1
block snack, 2 block lunch, 1 block snack and 2/3 block dinner. And I’m not going to say that I
didn’t lose weight, but that the way I went about it was in an unhealthy manner. A little
over a month of my own on the Zone and I stopped because I was not feeling good and was unable to
maintain anything for the WODs. I went back to my old eating ways and ending up doing a little
better in the workouts and feeling better all while maintaining weight, with little fluctuation here
and there.

Fast forward a few years, finding Crossfit SAC, and dealing with all that life gives us, I recently
tackled Zone again, however this time I did it with the help of the coaches, keeping food journals
and modifying my blocks as time went on. I first started my second go at Zone with 10 blocks to
Dave’s dismay, but at the time, it was still what I thought was right (eat less, lose weight, feel
good). After two weeks of 10 blocks each day, I was really starting to notice that I was getting
hungrier and hungrier and that my performance in workouts wasn’t very good, so I talked to
Amy and Dave and we modified my blocks to 11 blocks one week with doubling the fat blocks,
and if that felt good, I went to 12 blocks the following. Once I started eating more food, I noticed
that I started feeling better, my WOD performance went up and I started losing the weight I was
hoping for. In the weeks of adding blocks to my “diet” (more of way of life) I slowly started to
realize that the myth of eating less to lose weight was crazy.  I was for all intents and purposes
starving myself (by only eating 10 blocks) and my body while expecting the most out of it during
these WODs and expecting to make the all-important gainz!

After realizing that when I was eating more, good clean foods, and following a personalized,
modified zone plan that worked for me, I was feeling better, sleeping better, the WODs that
seemed like they may kill me weren’t as bad and, in fact sometimes fun. PRs started coming
again and I started to lean out in a healthy way. In the weeks following, the realization that eating
more and eating better foods throughout the day, I started to be okay with the idea that eating more
isn’t a bad thing at all. Eating will always be a challenge for me and will be something that I
know I have to work on for a long time to come, but with Zone I have been able to find a way to
fuel my body with the foods it needs, in a way that works well for me, and that if I fall off the
“diet” wagon is easy to hop back on again.

For the people who are hesitant in trying Zone, I urge you to try it and stick with it for a month.
It is something that may seem hard at first with the measuring of the foods, but after the first few
weeks you will start to realize and learn the sizes of blocks and how easy it is to make meals and
eat good quality foods. And Zone doesn’t have to limit you to just cooking and eating at home…
Let me be the first to tell you that anything and I mean ANYTHING is Zoneable. If you want
chips and salsa from Chevys, I will save you the math and let you know that you get 5 chips (1
block carbs), and a ¼ cup of salsa (1 block carbs). It may not seem like a lot of chips, but if you
have the craving for them, they are there and you can have them or more depending on the
blocks you are consuming. In the words of Rory McKernan, a block is a block, so enjoy it. And if
you ever want to talk about Zone, my experiences, what I cook and eat, please feel free to ask! I
want everyone to experience the positive outcomes that I have had with it and would love to
share anything I can to help you on your Zone journey!



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