Wednesday 8/12

Muscle Up
Snatch 135/95

The gym will be closed this weekend (8/15-8/16). We will have a Saturday morning park WOD at 9:30 am.

A Brief History of “Amanda”

This CrossFit WOD is the most recently added “Girl.” It is a memorial WOD, which pays tribute to Games athlete Amanda Miller who died at age of 24 from cancer. “Amanda” was the first Individual event of the 2010 CrossFit Games and it so strikingly elegant in design but can be devastatingly brutal in execution. This WOD combines two of the most complex gymnastics and weightlifting movements in CrossFit, the muscle up and squat (yes, specifically squat) snatch to create a couplet that requires just as much physical strength as is does technique, which is why it is also on the CrossFit SAC leaderboard. Here is the 2010 debut of “Amanda.”

Fast forward to 2015, where this same WOD was the final event for the  Masters/Teens Divisions.

The gains in strength and technique in the CrossFit community over these last 5 years is evident in the finish times of this WOD:

From the CrossFit Games Instagram account:

Masters Final. ‘Amanda’
The fastest male masters time this year was 4:37 by @Matt.swift. That would have been 12th in 2010; beating people like @Mikkosalo63 @JamesHobart, @TommyHacksaw and other top names. – @matt.swift is in the 45-49 category and won gold for that division. – in the 40-44 division the slowest time would have been good enough for 30th out of 45 competitors in 2010.




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