Tuesday 8/11

5 rounds each for time:
400m row
400m run
Rest as needed between efforts


From Mike D

Zone works, end of story. Really though it does, it’s a little rough at first having to measure everything you eat, while realizing what you really are or aren’t eating. It’s worth it, it’s like being on jet fuel for workouts, makes it a lot easier to keep pushing in workouts. The biggest change I’ve seen is I’ve lost more weight being on zone than just eating as I pleased and trying to outwork the poor food choices, no brainer right? We just recently tested a 1 rep max clean and jerk, I’ve not pr’d that lift in well over two years even back when I was lifting everyday, I finally have at 30+ pounds lighter bodyweight, and the day prior I pr’d my 10k row. I guarantee had I not cleaned up my food and zoned it, I wouldn’t have pr’d either one, trust me I’ve been trying. As repetitive as it sounds what you eat does matter, you wouldn’t throw the wrong type of gas into your car or truck then expect it to perform it’s best, so then why the body?


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