Monday 8/10

Shoulder Press
Push Press

From Calvin

This years Crossfit Games have come and gone and now we’re stuck coming down from the hype. Like coming back to your house after a really good party, you just wish it could have gone a little longer. Certainly this year was bigger, bolder, and more challenging than previous years. And as we cruise the blogs and social media it also appears to have been quite controversial. I do have my own opinion on the topic however, that’s not what I want to focus on today. What I want to focus on is what I really liked about  the Games. To me the games this year felt more raw.  Very down and dirty, get the work done, don’t care about your Fran time raw. The first 3 events were simply getting work done. The first event was the Pier Paddle. Just swimming. Just get out there and swim. Not really a complicated movement or skill but the challenge was undeniable. Some folks had a bit more trouble getting back to shore than they thought they would. The next event, Sandbag 2015, was another straight forward test. Move all this stuff from one side to the other. Some skill and strategy required but ultimately just solid work. This trend would continue into Friday as it began with “Murph”. And I won’t break this down play by play for the whole weekend but among other things there was also some sprinting, lifting for load and some all new challenges at the end that really exposed some chips in peoples armor. This is what I want to see. I know it’s really easy to get caught up in the “sexier”, more glamorous workouts like handstand walks, muscle ups, and 1 rep max lifts. Especially when they make it look so easy. And although those things were a part of the weekend, I really feel like they took everyone that went “fancy” all year and gave them very well programmed, very “not sexy” workouts.

I think we can all learn something from seeing this. We all like our heavy days. We all want muscle ups. We all wanna just do dead lifts on the minute or knock out triple unders. It’s cool. It’s flashy. It’s sexy. But the stuff that gets you better, really better, is work. Thrusters, burpees, running & rowing. Constantly varied  functional movement performed at high intensity. Sweaty, dirty, Raw.


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