Saturday 8/8

For time:
1k row
45 Deadlift @ 225/155
30 Kb Swing @ 53/35

While yesterday’s workout was also a triplet (workout with 3 movements) today is vastly different. Essentially, yesterday involved pushing movements with the possible exception of the box jump though that could be classified as an aggressive push with the legs. Today is all about pulling, the row and deadlift are very much pulling motions and the Kb swing is a partial range of motion extension of the hip that follows a similar movement pattern to the row/deadlift. Between the two we’re hitting a lot of bases as far as movement function goes.

Spend some time in the warm up reviewing rowing technique with an emphasis today on maximizing efficiency by applying power during the middle section of the pull (think force curve).

I’d also like to get some pull up work in today since we didn’t do much throughout the week, so we’ll use the warm up as a way to sneak some volume in there.

Warm up those deadlifts and swings then get people ready for some heats. As usual we’ll run today on 5 minute starts to allow for transitions off the ERG with adjustment time for foot holders etc.

That means the 1k must be done by no later than 4:30, not a smokin time by any means and this should allow everyone to get a good stimulus here.

For the deadlift the goal is to find a weight they could do 20 unbroken while fresh. 45 isn’t a super high number but since it’s 45 in a row we need to ensure the loading is such that it allows for steady work to be done. It should be fine for people to share barbells during today, there should not be a case where two athletes in the same “lane” are going and the rower finishes before the deadlifter. Though now that I’ve said that I’m sure it will happen at least once.

The Kb swing is “Helen” weight and should be a weight they could do 20 unbroken when fresh without much issue. We want people to be fully capable of picking up the weight and maintaining good positions for the deads and the swings today, they should be able to move through. The struggle will be in fighting the discomfort and just hanging on, it’s likely going to get grippy.

Sub 12 is the goal for all involved.


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