Friday 8/7

12 Min AMRAP
12 Box Jump @ 24/20
6 Thruster @ 95/65
6 Bar facing burpee


For the warm up today be sure to drill some thruster technique and potentially some box jump technique work as well. Work the footwork for the bar facing burpee to help people find a maintainable rhythm.

The goal for today’s workout is to find a way to just keep moving. We’re shooting for at least 3 rounds out of all our athletes today, which equates to 1 round every 4 minutes. That should be a very attainable goal for everyone given proper scaling.

Box jumps are meant to be relatively easy today, and should not slow athletes down much. That said, it’s only 12 reps so even if people want to challenge themselves a bit with a higher box for them, it shouldn’t take more than a minute to get through the 12. We’ll go with Games standards on the box jump for today.

The thruster is meant for Fran weight, that means the 6 reps should undoubtedly be unbroken if not the whole way through, at least for the first few rounds. Scale the load appropriately to allow for this to happen, but just as with the box jump if people want to challenge themselves with slightly more load they should be able to complete the 6 unbroken and without pausing for the first 3-4 rounds.

The bar facing burpee is what will dictate the logistics of today, we need to be sure the everyone has enough room to safely kick down on both sided of the barbell. The focus on these for today is deliberate, rhythmic footwork to encourage people to never stop moving during these.

Workout should start by 35 after at the latest to allow for clean up and stretching afterward.


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