Thursday 8/6

Each For Time:
Run 100m
Rest 3 Min
Run 800m
Rest 3 Min
Run 100m
Rest 3 Min
Run 400m
Rest 3 Min
Run 100m

Here’s yet another in our series this week, delving into the lesson planning that goes on to prepare for the workouts every day.

Take plenty of time during the warm up to get people good and loose for the workout today. Some agility drills, explosiveness work or the like would be good to prep for the 100m sections. Quadrupedal movement would also be a nice thing to throw in today since we have the time. Make sure the legs are good and prepped as well so that we don’t have to worry about any hamstrings for the sprints.

Every run today will start from the lower section (make a line of cones near the exit) to allow people to see the clock as they’re preparing to leave. Runs will finish coming in through the roll up door closest to the lower section (make a “finish line” of cones up there for people to run through). This should minimize opposing traffic and allow for coaches to manage start times better if needed.

Each individual athlete will be starting on their own for every round today except for the first – the first round everyone starts together (unless class size in an issue in which case start in waves- 30 sec or 1 min depending on numbers).

After the first round it’s on the athletes to record and remember their finishes from the previous round so they know when to start the next one. If, for example, the first 100m takes 15 seconds – start time for second run is 3:15 – it literally is as simple as adding 3 minutes to whatever they see on the clock when they cross the finish each round.

Total running volume is not very high today, less than 1 mile total. That said, the 800 and 400m sections should still be considered when talking scaling. the 800 should be sub 4 and the 400 sub 2:15 or so. Scale distance accordingly. Keeping in mind that the 800 is completed essentially fresh but the 400 is near the end of the workout (though with a 100m effort and a 3 minute rest between the 4 and the 8).

Chances are most folks will take over 20 minutes or so to get through the entirety of today – that means the goal should be to get this started by no later than 30 after. Have them grab whiteboards to track their start/finish times each round.


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