Wednesday 7/29

Triangle Couplet

For time:

Thruster @ 165/115
Bar Muscle Up


This workout was one of many the competitors at this years CrossFit Games were tasked with performing. I like to program Games workouts for our folks at the gym sometimes, and there are two big reasons why.


1- It gives us all a much better appreciation for just how incredible the performances of the fittest athletes in the world are. They often make things look so easy that it’s natural to forget how impressive their displays of fitness actually are.


2- It’s a great way to remind our community that every single workout we do is infinitely scaleable and adaptable to every athlete that walks through our doors. Today’s workout is one of those days where it’s easy to look at it and think that you’re better off coming in some other day. “I can’t do bar muscle ups!”, you might be thinking to yourself. Well I’ve got news for you, every single athlete on the planet has said that about some task or skill or achievement at some point. The only way they, or you will ever knock the ‘t off the end of that word and change can’t into can is by working through the scaled versions of workouts that we offer and progressively gaining the strength and skill necessary to do that thing.



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