Tuesday 7/21

3 Rounds for time:
7 Muscle up
20 Swing 70/53
50 Double Under


From Calvin

Hey there guys! Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 months, I thought I would remind everyone about the oh so little matter of THE FREAKIN CROSSFIT GAMES! That’s right amigos, the 2015 Games are here and they start next today. So the gym, like we often do, will be keeping the doors open longer after class on Saturday the 25th so that we can all view the Games together and eat food. That being said, BRING FOOD! We don’t care if it’s healthy. We don’t care if it’s Paleo. We just hope you stick around and eat it with us. If it’s a baked good just make sure it’s not “special” and maybe even gluten free so that everyone can remark on how damn tasty it is. Otherwise fair game. I’ll be honest with you I like really bad foods so don’t hold back. In any case, whether you’re bringing grub or not, come workout. Get your sweat on then stick around and enjoy the show! If you can’t hangout with us but still want to watch the Games, here is more info on how to stream the events: How to Watch the Games in 2015



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