Monday 7/13

3 Rounds for time:

2 Power Clean @ 185/135
2 Push Jerk @ 185/135
100m Run
5 Power Clean @ 185/135
5 Push Jerk @ 185/135
400m Run

Taking it to the Next Level

In the next week we will be hanging up some posters describing four different fitness levels. Many CrossFit gyms have these types of posters and we thought that it might help to better guide our athletes’ training focus. For example, if you find that you are in or close to the “Advanced” level in weightlifting but still “Intermediate” in conditioning or gymnastics, you would be better served focusing on those “Intermediate” level modalities. So, if running isn’t your jam, find a way to come to more WODs that include running.

The idea behind these charts isn’t to categorize people or use this as a way to restructure classes but to help you figure out your general strengths and weaknesses. Remember, you are only strong as your weakest link.

CF SAC Levels 1 and 2CF SAC levels 3 and 4


I know most people will want to focus on improving their weightlifting first. However, it’s important to remember where weightlifting sits on the “Theoretical Hierarchy of the Development of an Athlete.” It’s pretty high up at the top, meaning that it builds upon the foundation of your gymnastics, metabolic conditioning (your “cardio”) and nutrition. If any of those three levels are at a deficit, you are essentially spinning your wheels when trying to develop your overall fitness.


You don’t need an elaborate training schedule to fill in some of your fitness gaps. Just keep coming to class consistently, at least three days a week. Come to the classes you don’t want to do, the ones that look tough. Chances are they are exactly the ones you need to do.


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