Saturday 7/11

5k Run

comfort zone

Yes, we are telling you in advance that we are running (or rowing if you are injured) a 5k. In the past, we have tried different ways to con and dupe people into showing up for this WOD, and sometimes it works, but people have caught on to our tricky ways. We could try other ways to lure you into the gym, but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide to show up and do the workout. Fitness isn’t just about how much you can lift or how many pull ups you can do, it also requires the physical (and mental) endurance and stamina to propel yourself across long distances.

Remember, just like any other workout, we can totally scale this WOD. You may not run the full 5k, but you will run a distance longer than we typically run and it will be outside your comfort zone. Venturing outside your comfort zone is the key to growth. Just like learning any other skill, the more you practice stepping outside of your comfort zone, the easier it gets!


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