Thursday 7/8

For Time:
150 Wallball @ 20/14


From my friend Tyson Oldroyd


If your ‪#‎CrossFit‬ trainer has been doing their job, then this is very familiar. Our message has never changed, people. It’s time to strengthen our stance. People are seriously confused about nutrition. In fact, people are dying because of it. ‪#‎itssugarsfault‬ ‪#‎awareness‬ @crossfit

Tyson Oldroyd's photo.
If you’ve looked at the wall as you enter the gym, you’ve noticed that this is the first sentence from Coach Glassman’s “World Class Fitness in 100 Words”.
This is where proper nutrition starts. As Tyson said there’s lots and lots of information out there about the way we humans should be eating. When it really gets down to it though this is the basis. It’s elegantly simple.

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