Friday 7/3

5 Rounds for time:400m Run
15 Overhead squat 95/65

We adjusted our programming a bit to compensate for the increase in temperature at the beginning of the week. Wednesday’s workout was actually supposed to be a pretty rough WOD, but in light of the triple digit forecast, we switched it to the CrossFit Gymnastics Total, a WOD that is by no means easy, but not high in intensity. Not only did this workout allow for people to play around with muscle-up transitions and getting upside down we even had some people get their first muscle ups! The training triplet of Monday’s CrossFit Total 2, Tuesday’s Max Effort 1k Row and the Gymnastics Total on Wednesday also allowed those of us who showed up for those three days to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in the three training modalities of weightlifting, monostructural metabolic conditioning and gymnastics.
Friday is supposed to be another hot day, but we are going to do a WOD that involves running outside. This isn’t meant as a punishment or to destroy people but as a way to condition ourselves against the heat. We certainly try to keep weather conditions in mind when programming, but we can’t stay inside for the next three months either. Today’s WOD may end up being more of a mental PR of getting through an uncomfortable workout in less than perfect conditions rather than a lifetime PR. That’s okay. We fail at the margins of our experience. So if you only train when the weather suits you, you are limiting your experiences and your progress.


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