Monday 6/29

CrossFit Total 2
Find 1RM of
Bench Press
Overhead Squat



I chose this video for today’s post for two reasons. First and foremost it shows a good demonstration of what a very good CrossFit athlete is capable of in a workout like this. These are always helpful things to watch because we can see how accomplished athletes go about getting the work done and getting the most out of certain workouts.

The other reason I chose this particular video is that it shows a very good CrossFit athlete who is clearly still enjoying himself while training. Yes, it was taped on Halloween, but to actually wear your costume while you attack a workout shows that he’s having a good time and not taking himself too seriously.

Often it’s easy to forget that the stuff we do in the gym is supposed to be fun, but it is absolutely important to remember that.

So come in today and be ready to move some weight and have a good time doing it!


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