Friday 6/26

20 Min AMRAP
10 Box Jump 34’/26′
20 Med Ball Sit up 20/14
30 Med Ball Toss 20/14
40 Double Under

Once you have been doing CrossFit long enough to be comfortable enough with the movements you may realize this is just as much of a mental sport as it is physical. It takes just as much mental fortitude to push through a demanding workout as it does any of the 10 General Physical Skills. This mental drive goes beyond positive self-talk and encouragement; you can train yourself to mentally tolerate more of the physical discomfort the comes with a WOD. I’m not talking about training through or to an injury, but learning to better process the sensation of burning muscles or being out of breath and learning how to avoid or minimize the emotional response that comes with it. Earlier this month the CrossFit Journal published an article on how mindfulness training can actually improve physical performance, “Mind over Muscle-Ups.” Don’t discount the power of your mind when you are in the thick of things, whether it’s mid-WOD or dealing with a tough situation at home or at work.



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