Tuesday 6/23

For Time:
400m Run
4 Rope Climb
40 Wall Ball
300m Run
3 Rope Climb
30 Wall Ball
200m Run
2 Rope Climb
20 Wall Ball
100m Run
1 Rope Climb
10 Wall Ball


From Calvin

Hey guys, It’s Calvin here. Just wanted to take a quick moment to talk about hands. Yes, your hands. The one’s you need every day. Hand care isn’t just for massage therapists and germaphobes. We all need to take care of our hands. They’re the only ones we get. CrossFit hands need a lot of love because we beat them up and toughen them up all the time. However, ripped or torn hands can lead to reduced training or hindered performance. No CrossFitter likes either of those ideas so lets chat.

Heavy olympic lifts use the hook grip. And while it’s the strongest grip out there, it also tends to chew up thumbs pretty good. I’ve noticed this particularly on snatch day. Try a little tape around the thumb before your next set of 10 hang power cleans and see if that skin doesn’t stay put. The big one that you really need to watch for is any tearing that may occur while performing gymnastics movements. These can very frustrating because of their tendency to be in the worst possible locations. Usually either across the top of the palm due to an over stressed callus. Or, my personal favorite, right in the middle of the palm. Yay. The first issue can be helped by shaving down the dead skin on your palm so it doesn’t get caught on the bar or rings. But the second affliction may be due to technique rather than volume. How we grab the bar can determine the outcome of our hands. If you tend to grab the bar with your whole palm riding over the top, the dynamic motion of the swing can cause your hand to rotate around the bar causing friction in your hands. The repeated stress will inevitably create a tear. However grabbing the bar with more finger than palm reduces rotation and stress and will lower your likelihood of tearing. Easy math. Another way to prevent a hand tear might be just to refine the movement. A wild swinging kip may also cause that rotation.

If you do get a tear, get all the remaining dead skin cleared off with scissors or nail clippers. Clean it well and cover it during Wods. Let it breathe otherwise. There are products made for recovery for CrossFit hand repair but I find Neosporin and Perperation H will do the trick. No joke.



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