Saturday 6/20

For time:
75 Double Under
30 Burpee
40 Ring Dip
30 Burpee
75 Double Under



One of the key movements in today’s workout is the Ring Dip. It’s a fantastic way to develop pressing strength, and that’s often the thing people think about the most when they see these in a WOD. BUT – it’s also a great way to develop stability through a range of motion even after you have the strength.

For example, a few years ago we had a member join our little gym who had literally never trained anything in the gym but machines. You know the kind, everything is based on a lever or a pivot point or is somehow locked into a specific plane of motion. He had developed some pretty good muscle mass during this time to be sure. In fact, I saw him do 20 straight bar dips. That’s no small feat. However, after seeing those 20 I asked him to get up on the rings and watched in shock as he shook like a leaf and literally could not complete one single rep.

Since he had never exposed his body to any sort of instability it didn’t know how to apply any sort of force in that way. It was interesting to see for sure, as was his progress in the next few weeks and months as he got more and more used to moving his body in a more natural way. He did develop a ring dip eventually but it took some time since it was so new to him. Keep this in mind as you’re working through today’s WOD, those rings are helping you in more ways than you might think.





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