Thursday 6/18

10 rounds each for time:
100m sprint
7 Toe 2 Bar
Rest 2 min between rounds

After Tuesday’s WOD, I thought this might be a helpful article for some of us to read. Tuesday was rough for meprobably more mentally than physically.  Given the hand release at the bottom of the deadlift, I tried not to set an kind of expectations but when the bar felt heavier than I thought it should, game over. I imploded a bit and started to really internalize the weight on the barbell. You know, I did exactly what I would tell anyone I was coaching not to do. But at the end of the day, I did better than I thought I might. I got to lift a heavy barbell and I got that much stronger. This was just one WOD on one day.

Fitness Level: You Are Not One Workout


Fitness Level: You Are Not One Workout


By Jake Mannion

A lot of words describe Julie Foucher. Among them are smart (she’s going to be a doctor), fit (she’s one of the fittest in the world), determined, consistent, and hard working (be sure to read How Julie Foucher Became Julie Foucher to understand why). After what transpired at the Central Regional a few weeks ago now, we can also include inspirational. Julie tore her right achilles tendon, and, rather than end her weekend feeling sorry for herself, she finished the remaining three events in impressive fashion…in a boot.

This isn’t the first time Julie’s been inspirational. After completion of the 15.2 CrossFit Games Open workout, the following was posted on Julie Foucher’s instagram account.

To continue reading, click here.


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