Wednesday 6/17

Three rounds for reps of:
1 Min at each station
Power snatch @75/55
Box jump@ 24/20
Thruster @ 75/55
Chest 2 Bar Pull up
1 Min Rest


One of the benefits of my job with Seminar Staff is that it has allowed me to get to know a number of high level Games/Regional competitors. We often chat about how the things we teach at the Level 1 relate to the application of their training. Just this past weekend one of these chats let to a good tidbit of info.

While chatting with Katie Hogan (multiple Games athlete), the conversation shifted towards the most recent Open and her experience with the workouts. Leading up to the Open she had been training with another multiple Games athlete whose training program was pretty high in volume; multiple workouts in a day, morning and evening sessions, etc. Katie found that in order to maintain the volume of training programmed, she wasn’t pushing as hard through the workouts knowing that she had to do so much more later in the day or training session.

Fast forward to the Open and Katie noticed that she wasn’t performing at the same level she was used to. While definitely breathing hard after 15.5, she didn’t find herself writhing in agony on the floor. She hadn’t been able to go to that dark place many Games athletes talk about. She had lost her intensity. The high volume  programming had trained Katie to curb her intensity, to hold back a little. When it came time to hit the Open WODs hard, she just couldn’t “go there.”

The goal of CrossFit is to be a well rounded athlete, someone who is pretty good at everything. It’s easy to feel like you have a laundry list of skills and aspects of your fitness to improve and want to improve them. Like right now! It’s understandable to want to focus on a weakness, but remember that more isn’t necessarily better. Better is better.


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