Tuesday 6/16



From Calvin

Hey guys, let’s talk food. I’ve been in the fitness industry for the better part of a decade. And in that time I’ve seen every manner of diet. South beach, Atkins, no sugar, no meat, and sometimes just down right NO FOOD. Now I’m no rocket surgeon but I feel like the no food diet won’t work well for anyone.

Food is our fuel. Our source of energy and power.

Not eating before workouts can be harmful and out right dangerous. But what if I eat the wrong thing? What if I don’t feel like boiled chicken and olive oil covered asparagus? Sometimes it can be hard to think of fun ways to enjoy your food without compromising its nutritional integrity. As usual, we recommend well balanced, whole foods with few additions. Below is not only a recipe for some solid grub, but also a a pretty decent reference to some other goodies. Take a look and if you’ve got some recipes you’d like to share, bring them in and we can take a look at those too.  Keep that fuel in your body and you’ll see an improvement in performance for sure!

Stuffed Peppers


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