Friday 6/12

5 Rounds each for time:
300m Row
20 Pull Up
Rest 4 Minutes between efforts


The past 3 days we’ve done a variation on the same workout. The goal with these was to test/affirm/build capacities with three different movements moving the same load through roughly the same range of motion. Looking at differences in finish times of the same athlete across the three workouts is a way to gauge ability in the clean and jerk/power snatch/thruster and compare them against each other.

For example my times for the workouts went as follows:

C&J – 9:10
P.Snatch – 9:07
Thruster – 8:02

Some of this time difference is due to the individual ‘cycle time’, or how long it takes to complete a rep of each respective movement. Thrusters have the fastest cycle time so I expected that workout to be the fastest. Some of the time difference is due to athlete capacity. Athletes are likely to have the ability to move more load with the Power Clean & Jerk than in the Power Snatch. However, in my case I’m more comfortable cycling reps with the Power Snatch than the C&J since I’m better at keeping the bar close on the descent. Others might find that the opposite is true.

Lastly, some of this time difference is due to psychological tolerance. In my case the C&J and P.Snatch didn’t change my time much, even though I know I’m more comfortable cycling the P.Snatch. Personally, I chalk this up to a slightly slower run for the P.Snatch workout AND my general ability to fall into a rhythm. Physically, I think I could have linked more of the P.Snatch reps together (I broke the reps up like this round 1 6/2/2/2, round 2 2/2/2/1/1/1/1/1/1, round 3 2/1/1/2/1/2/1/1/1) but psychologically I was settled in and didn’t really want to move any faster. Largely the same thing happened on the C&J, I fell into a steady rhythm that was about the same pace as I would use the next day for the P.Snatch.

During the Thruster on the other hand, there’s a much larger ‘penalty’ for dropping the bar so mentally I was able to stay with higher rep sets and when you couple that with the faster cycle time it starts to cut the time down pretty quickly.

So, to sum up, you may or may not be interested in these bits of data but as coaches it helps us to know these things. If you are a CrossFit nerd like me and you like to analyze these types of things to look for ways to improve yourself (and in the case of our coaches, help all of you improve) then feel free to dig in, look at your data, take some time for some honest self reflection and come in tomorrow ready to start working on those weaknesses!



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