Saturday 5/30

4 Rounds for time:

25 Wall ball @ 20/14
35 Double Under

The Dangers of Wearing High Heels (for Athletes)

By Cassie Dionne for Breaking Muscle

Today I am directing my article to all of you athletes out there who like to wear high heels. And I’m going to get right to the point right now:

Stop wearing them.

I know you probably don’t want to hear what I’m telling you, and perhaps you’re even silently cursing right now. But the plain and simple truth is that high heels are awful for your body and lead to more injuries than you might think.

High Heels and Performance

I know what you’re thinking, you train hard, you work out every day, you do your mobility work, so the high heels really can’t be all that bad. It won’t matter so much for you. Well, unfortunately, that’s just not true. In fact, going from high heels to flat shoes and doing explosive movements is going to put you at an even further increased risk of injury.

So, what’s the deal, how can heels be so damaging? In a nutshell: high heels force your body to work in a manner that is completely and entirely backward from your normal mechanics.

These abnormal mechanics happen to both prevent your face from meeting the concrete when you are walking (to keep you balanced) and to compensate for a lack of mobility at the ankle and foot. This then causes a cascade of changes throughout the entire kinetic chain.


posture, heels, high heels

There are a number of postural issues that tend to coincide when a person frequently wears high heels.

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