Friday 5/29

3 rounds of each for reps/time:
Each on a 2 minute clock:
Max set unbroken Shoulder to Overhead @ 155/105
Max set unbroken Toe 2 Bar
Max set unbroken Front Squat @ 155/105
Max set unbroken Double Under

I know people are concerned about what’s “missing” from their routine or diet. Unfortunately, there is no magic app or gadget that will take the place of perseverance and hard work. Steering clear of these gadgets will not only allow you to better focus on training but also prevent you being mistaken for a terrorist.

4 Gym Gadgets That Are Wasting Your Time
Misused and Downright Silly Fitness Devices You Don’t Need

by Dr John Rusin
Here’s what you need to know…

  • Activity trackers can be extremely inaccurate, often underestimating or overestimating steps and calories burned.
  • Heart rate monitors have their uses for HRV training, but many people use them as an excuse to avoid hard training.
  • Masks that make it harder to breathe don’t really improve your cardio training. They can even cause dysfunctional breathing patterns for novices. Fix your breathing first.
  • A smart plan will always be more useful than a smartphone. Many fitness apps are just crutches than inhibit you from learning how to program.

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