Wednesday 5/27

For time:
1600m Run
Rest 3 min
800m Run
Rest 2 min
400m Run
Rest 1 min
200m Run

Let’s talk about why we run. It’s not often that I get all sciencey on you guys here, but I think it’s important to understand some of the reasons that workouts like today’s are important.

Running (though generally detestable, uncomfortable and morally wrong) is an activity that demands relatively low technique but allows us to develop a high level of metabolic response. We’re working on making our bodies better at gas exchange (not that kind of gas). Running, along with it’s siblings rowing and biking, develops the bodies ability to take in oxygen and use it to propel the systems of the body. It’s a way for us to build a better engine without having to worry so much about maintaining positioning in a front squat or keeping our elbows in during a push up or even finding a rhythm during double unders.

You can think of it like this… have you ever found yourself out of breath during a workout? Of course you have, we all have.

If you have ever had to stop to catch your breath then today’s workout is for you! I know you might be thinking “but I hate running and I don’t care if I never get better at it” and that’s fine. BUT, what I’m saying here is that if you expose yourself to workouts like today’s the added benefit is that you’ll find yourself less out of breath during other things, and therefore improve in other ways without even focusing on them.

In reality, everything we do in the gym is easier when you’re not breathing so hard. Do yourself a favor and make everything easier by working on that engine today.




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