Saturday 5/23

Take 15 minutes to work to a heavy 3 Rep Power Snatch
For load:
1 Power Snatch every 30 seconds for 6 Min
For each missed lift perform 5 burpees after 6 Min time has elapsed

***We will only have one class Monday at 9am in observance of Memorial Day***

From Calvin
I love to watch people succeed. It might be a PR time or score, it might just be that someone got off their cholesterol meds, but nothing pleases me more than to witness achievement or success in someones life.

Success is a decision. One that only you can make for yourself. You are responsible for determining first, what does success mean for you? Not all of our goals are the same. Not all of our lives and reasons are equal so find out what it is you want.

Second, decide if you will achieve success. It really is your call. You have to know that you can, not just wish it. You’ve got to need. Not just want. The body will not do what the mind says it can’t. Many excuses will come in between you and your rightful glory. Some will even seem legitimate. But ultimately, if you can look past them and see the other side, the world beyond excuses, beyond “cannot” then you can do anything.



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