Wednesday 5/20

For time:
Pull Up
Sit Up
*100ft Walking lunge to begin each round

There are times when I am taking down scores after a WOD and a person is reluctant to put their time on the board because they didn’t do as well as they had liked. We’ve all been there, we took longer than we had hoped, used less weight or completed fewer rounds than anybody else on the board.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret: your effort and attitude in the gym says a hell of a lot more about you than your score.

You see, most of the time people are so wrapped up in their own workout that they don’t notice what weight you have on the bar or if you are using a band for your pull ups. People do, however, notice if you are trying hard, if you are moving through a full range of motion and if you have a positive attitude. People recognize your commitment when you show up day after day, month after month.

Not every WOD is going to go your way, and they shouldn’t. But your ability to brush yourself off and come back for another serving of humble pie (and cheer on the class while eating it) speaks more about your character as an athlete and as a person than anything else you could write on the whiteboard.



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