Tuesday 5/19

12 Min AMRAP
7 Handstand Push up
14 Box Jump @ 30/24

No, you weren’t seeing double last week with Thursday and Friday’s WODs. It was intentional that we programmed two monostructural (running, rowing, bicycling, etc.) repeats in a row. Often people assume that because they work on their “cardio” by doing a lot of only running, rowing or bicycling that they don’t need to train any other form (or time domain) of monostructural work. The reality is, if you are only running or only rowing, and you are only training long distances, you are slowly shifting away from general physical preparedness, which what we are constantly striving for in CrossFit.

Last Friday, we had 28 people attend class, about half of our normal Friday attendance. To give credit where credit is due, a good number of those who attended Friday’s 400m run repeats had also done Thursday’s 400m row repeats. Sure, there could be several reasons why attendance was low, but we also know that people generally hate running, usually because they aren’t physically (or mentally) good at it. The thing is, you will never improve your tolerance of running, or rowing or doing pull ups, insert your goat here, by avoiding it.


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