Monday 5/18

Push Press
From Calvin
We are all athletes in our own way. And even though our goals may differ, our needs remain the same or at least are quite similar. Proper mechanics of movement translate into all goals involving the human body. If you’re a regular person just trying to get more fit, proper hip and shoulder function will allow you to perform your workouts at there fullest capacity.

If you’re a powerlifter (like Mark Bell) and progress is determined by getting a 1000lb squat, well, position and form count for a lot. Unfortunately we often tend to see athletes focus more on intensity and volume than we do good mechanics. And as much progress as you can make doing so, it will be cut shorter by not taking the time to slow things down once and a while and “look good” while you move. Mobility isn’t flashy or extreme. No one ever asks “Bro, whats your range of motion PR?” But all the fun and crazy goodness we do everyday is better, safer, and more beneficial with it.

The video is a bit longer but quite entertaining. And if you wanna lift like Bell or move like K-Star, just listen to what they have to say. Maybe even pick up a good book.



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