Friday 5/8

For time:
800m run
40 Wall Ball @ 20/14
40 Deadlift @ 225/155
40 Wall Ball
800m run

Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

More and more research is showing that drinking coffee is actually beneficial to your health. Below is a link to Chris Kresser’s podcast dedicated to the topic of coffee and it’s inverse effect (the more coffee consumed, the less likely a person’s risk of a disease) on several diseases and chronic conditions.

Remember, coffee in moderate amounts (3-5 cups, depending on research) is beneficial. What you add to that cup of coffee can easily counter-act all the healthy components of that cup of joe. Dumping sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavored syrups into your coffee not only make it less healthy, but also quickly add to your daily consumption of added sugar. To help put this in perspective, the World Health Organization recommends consuming no more than 50 grams of added sugar a day. One grande Coffee Frappuccino from Starbucks has about 34 grams of added sugar!

Chris Kresser  “All About Coffee” Podcast


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